Magnum Baby Countryside


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MagnuM Baby Countryside

You have chosen the Consumer's #1 Choice!

Consumers have chosen the MagnuM Baby Countryside for the tremendous ease of use.  Simply fill the hopper, set the controls, & push the button! With the optional auto ignition system the MagnuM Baby Countryside will light itself!  Within minutes, you and your family will be warm & cozy.

The sleek cabinet styling of the MagnuM Baby Countryside is the perfect compliment to any room decor.  You can add height, dimension, & intrigue to your MagnuM Baby Countryside with the additional accessory of Queen Ann Legs.

You can also customize your authentic MagnuM Baby Countryside by selecting one of several brilliant metallic paint options, stunning 24 Karat Gold or Nickel accessories, elegant etched glass, & you can even add Queen Ann Legs for increased height & dimension!  Don't forget to add the auto ignition system for your convenience!

When you select  a custom paint color, your entire appliance, including the air deflector, door and Queen Ann legs, will be enhanced by our brilliant metallic paint. When selecting your Queen Ann Leg option, to better suit your room setting  you can choose to have only the front two legs upgraded to 24 Karat gold or nickel.


Dimensions: 20" W x 32" H x 22" D (pedestal)
20" W x 40" H x 22" D (legs)
Unit Weight: 200 lbs. shipping wt.
BTU range: * 7,500-40,000
Fuel Capacity: Up to 50 lbs
Burn time: Up to 40 hrs/low setting
Emissions: 0.69 GM/Hr with wood pellets
EPA Status: Exempt

* These specifications are for reference only and subject to change without notice. Heating capacity will vary with different fuel types, fuel condition, operational techniques and climates.

Baby Countryside features:

Our new baby is has grown up to be just like its parents, The Essex and Countryside! What a combination of looks, proven quality and safety coupled with its own unique style.

Equipped with reliable state of the art electronics, thermostat capability, solid state operation, multiple heat settings and a revolutionary firepot system, the Magnum Baby Countryside is winning hearts across the nation.

With the safety pressure sensor (monitors negative pressure that can affect the unit), over-fire protection and proof of fire sensors, you can leave your Baby? Countryside that is, unattended for hours without worrying about your home being safe. The Magnum Baby Countryside also comes standard with an automatic cool-down and auger shut-off feature if it runs out of fuel.

You’re going to want to see our new Baby! Contact Perfect Plumbing and Heating, Inc. to see for yourself how this attractive small package can put a big dent in your home heating bills.    DAD

Other Features Include:

  • Approved for mobile home use
  • Quiet operation
  • 1-year warranty on electrical components
  • 5-year warranty on structural components
  • AC (110volt) operation or DC (12volt) operation
  • Standard Metallic Black color
  • Large viewing window, designed to stay cleaner longer
  • Revolutionary firepot design for extended burn times between cleaning


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